Saturday, June 16, 2012

Peppa Pig Party

We LOVE Peppa Pig in our house, especially my baby. She turned 3 yesterday so we had a little Peppa Pig party to celebrate and asked a few of our friends to come 'jump in muddy puddles' with us. The cake was not at all as planned.  I wanted to do ruffles but they didn't want to come to this party so I had to come up with something else quick.  I had a lovely flower biscuit in the cupboard which someone had given us, so I modelled the cake around that instead.. And luckily we gave our baby a little Peppa and George so I was able to place them on top with it...
And that is all the birthdays in our house for the year.  And I've decided that next year I'm outsourcing.  I'd really like to be able to sit back and enjoy the little looks on my girls' faces and to be able to take it all in, more.  These special days go by so quick and I feel like I'm missing them somehow.  

But next year will come around and I will look into it and then balk at the cost of outsourcing to get awful party food which I won't want them to eat, and then probably do it all over again!  


  1. Hello gorgeous! I just love getting your comments, they're always so full of enthusiasm! What a great little party, she must have loved it. We like Peppa Pig here too.."You're silly Daddy Pig, snort snort". Rachael xx

  2. The party looks awesome. Specially, cake idea is very creative.

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